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Film is important, exciting and thought provoking. We believe it should be seen by the widest possible audience. Our mandate is to build a bridge between aspiring filmmakers, the film industry and audiences.
We challenge you to create extraordinary films that we can SEE…SHOW…AND SHARE.

很新鲜——Embed 是flash格式,share居然是message而不是指向原始页面。不过这样并不利于转载。因为要找到主站的片源得到Embed的代码就比较难了。

欣欣然注册之,发现个人页面的标签出奇的丰富。除了常规的mail、about me、friends,还有匪夷所思的blog(经本人测试不兼容中文字符),最费解的是——Resumé,要它干嘛?这种集成的程度以已经是小型站点了吧?



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